Fitness bikini: women bodybuilding

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Fitness bikini: women bodybuilding

Most people hear about female bodybuilding shudder, imagining a mountain of muscles middle ground. However, three years ago, the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness was established a new category – “Miss Bikini”, which aims to prove that the sporting body can be feminine and beautiful.

It’s a bit like a regular beauty contest, but is estimated here is not only what is given by nature, but also the fact that it was created by the girls in the walls of the gym. Harmonious proportions, of course, the most important, but also important grace, fluidity of movement, smile, makeup, costume (shoes and specially tailored swimsuit), manners and overall grooming: beautiful hair, healthy skin.

Looking at the photos from performances, it is necessary to understand that girls do not look like a normal life. First, before the competition they are “dried” – sit on a special carbohydrate-free diet, paying great attention to cardio training , the percentage of body fat was reduced to a minimum and was clearly visible relief of muscle. Secondly, the body is covered by a special make-up, which also emphasizes relief – so judges can objectively evaluate the results of athletes.

Brazilian ass

Perhaps the most famous fitness model in the world – Brazilian Natalia Melo, the winner of the tournament “Miss Bikini Olympia 2012″. Her photos can be seen at any sporting pablike in social networks, and Melo page on Facebook has nearly 90,000 subscribers. Natalia 28 years old, her height of 170 cm and a weight of just over 55 pounds.

Melo said that the formula for its success is very simple: hard work and discipline.

And people who want to look good, not working out, bring it in bewilderment: “I am often introduced into a stupor question:” I do not want to lift weights, I do not like to do “cardio” and do not want to stick to the diet as a result my body in order ? “I have a blank for the answer:” I do not know of such methods, and I ask you, when it turned out, share with me! “

Russian fitness star Ian Kashcheeva – bronze medalist Russia 2012 in the category “Fitness bikini” and winner of other prestigious competitions – also boasts a strong will and determination.

If the off-season she allows herself to relax a little, allowing small liberties in the diet, it always knows the precise point at which to stop. The best friend a girl, in her words, a mirror: it always tells you when it’s time to say to yourself, “Stop.”

On the Internet, a lot of videos with her workouts, where Catherine shows the technique of exercise and gives helpful advice. Looking at this glamorous blonde with a stunning figure and wants to settle down in the gym and forget about the dumpling with mayonnaise. Katya herself repeatedly said that the secret of her achievements not only in the hard training, but also in nutrition. There is no “food waste” and no many girls favorite “mono-diet”: they are not only ineffective, but also harm health.

Terms of beauty fitness models:

Without discipline is impossible to build the body of your dreams . Each training session – a small but very important part of the way to it.
A balanced diet that has enough protein, fats and carbohydrates, there are no “empty” calories – almost the main component of success. You can engage with the best trainer in the world, but if you continue to mindlessly eat everything, the result will be.
Water is essential to our body to maintain all metabolic processes. It is quite important to drink both during training and during the day. You do not have to be thirsty – a sign of dehydration.

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